To Conquer Mount Everest

Tingri County to Everest Base Camp Distance: 70 Km


Hiking time: About 4 DAYS


Rongbuk Monastery to base Camp Distance: 8 km

HIKE TIME: Four or five hours to get back and forth, but reserve at least one day for the photo shoot.

Fit for the crowd: Everest is a dream everyone longs for, but not everyone can achieve it. And those who make it to Everest base camp on foot are the lucky ones.

EVALUATION: Hiking Mount Everest, you can only see from a distance, but the experience is an ambitious stand on top of the world.

Introduction: Everest is shrouded in clouds all year round, hard to see the true face, a foreigner had waited in Rongbuk Monastery for 20 days, pass expired, also did not see, he cried at the foot of the mountain, because a lifetime of this opportunity; Some people come a few times and come back disappointed. But the lucky ones get to see the top of the world for days on end. On a good day, Mount Everest can be seen from the side of the road in the Tingri County County seat. Of course, the Rongbuk Monastery at the foot of Mount Everest is an ideal place to look up.

From Tingri County to Everest Base camp is a world-class hike, a 70-kilometer journey that can be divided into four days or so, from Tingri County to the guerra pass, to the Zaka valley, through Qu Zong to Rongbuk Monastery, to base camp on Mount Everest. If you don’t want to go on such a long hike, all you have to do is walk eight kilometers from Rongbuk Monastery to Everest base camp, 5,200 meters above sea level. To complete the hike, watch the sun rise from Rongbuk Monastery at 6 am and head to Everest base camp in two hours, with plenty of time for filming and rest. After arriving at the base camp, you can go on for 500 meters, there is a 6-meter-wide river, more than 100 meters to the right after crossing the river, there is an altitude boundary stone, and then walk 3.5 kilometers, it is generally an hour and a half to the ice world —— The pagoda forest of Foshan, people who arrive at Everest base camp usually go home. No matter where you go, you have to get down before 4:00 p.m. , otherwise it’s too late. Line: It would be cheaper to hire a taxi from Samzhubzê District to Rongbuk Monastery, or from Baiba, Tingri County, to Rongbuk Monastery. The roads to Baiba are mostly gravel, but they are in good condition, and the local people do well with their tractors. Charter in addition to ticket money, but also need to pay into the mountain fee, a wheel 81 yuan, environmental protection fare 80 yuan. In Paksong, about 30 kilometers from Rongbuk Monastery, you have to take an ECO friendly car unless you’re on foot, 80 yuan round trip. Residence: Naombu Temple Guest House. Communication: CELL PHONE RECEPTION HERE

Hiking: from Tingri County to Everest Base Camp

Day 1: Shopping in Tingri County County, asking about the weather, recent roads, eating a lot, getting ready for the mountains.

Day Two: Lock Day → Lu Lu border station → turn into China National Highway 308→ Enter Mountain Tollgate — Foshan nameless camp. About 30 kilometers, about 10 hours. Enter the mountain toll station — Foshan — no villages in the middle of nowhere. It’s been a long, hard walk since the toll station, and a lack of oxygen.

Day 3: Nameless Encampment → Zhaxizong. About 30 kilometers, about 10 hours. To noon before going up the mountain, very hypoxia, afternoon then down the mountain, walking easier. There is a village in the middle, the price is expensive, boiled water about 5 to 10 yuan/pot. Arriving in Zhaxizong, one can eat Sichuan stir-fried vegetables for 25 to 40 yuan per person, and stay in Tibetan hotels for 25 to 40 yuan per person, with free tents.

Day 4: Tashi Zong → Rongbuk Monastery. About 45 kilometers, about 10 hours. There’s a village in the middle. There’s boiled water. There are restaurants and hotels in Rongbuk Monastery. 25 to 40 yuan per person for food and drink; 30 to 40 yuan per person for multi-room accommodation in Tibetan hotels; and 10 yuan per person for self-help tents. Day 5: Rongbuk Monastery → Everest Base camp. Eight kilometers, about three hours. The base camp is 5,200 meters above sea level and free to pitch your own tent. Cost of the trip (reference) : dingri-base Camp: Tingri County Rest 1 day, hiking 4 days, a total of 5 days, 70 yuan per day (accommodation) . Day off from base camp: 40 Yuan. Base camp back to Tingri County for six days: a total of about 500 yuan, a special reminder: the best time to climb a mountain each year is from April to June. After June, the rainy season began, the road into the mountains often landslides, mudslides. But after the rainy season, it’s still a good time to go hiking.

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